Interior View of Zen Meditation Room, Katong

Zen Living in the heart of the city. When we talk about Japanese Interior, chances are there will be nothing to scream about. But the owner of this 3-storey terrace house in Katong decided to be different. After living and working in Japan for 7 years, this lady owner went for a complete overhaul. Instead of the usual furniture or touch up to this old apartment, we decided to give it a total new revamped look.

Both of us decided to incorporate the traditional spirit of Zen into the refurbished 12 year old house. Most of the construction was fabricated by our local factory, however, there were lack of good quality Japanese Tatami mats. To add to the the finishing touch, we went to the extent of importing them from ancient capital of Japan - Kyoto just for this project. The result - a whole new look of course, but above all, the calmness that transients on the occupants speaks volume of simple Zen interior.

If you have something exotic in mind with a reasonable budget, feel free to call us to discuss further. After all, this Zen project started off over a cup of coffee - James Lim, ID/SP Interior Designer

"Our brain needs comfort. When you irritate it, you cannot think." ~ Zoran


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